Mecklenburg County, Virginia GIS

Premium GIS Site

Mecklenburg County maintains an optional Premium GIS Site available for an annual fee.

Download the terms, conditions, fee schedule and application form for subscribing to the Premium Site here:

Mecklenburg Premium GIS Site Subscription Application
Mecklenburg GIS Premium Site Application

(The free Adobe Reader must be installed on your PC to view the application form. The Adobe Reader may be downloaded by clicking the link below.)

Download the free Adobe Reader here

Public and Premium GIS Site Features

This comparison chart shows the availability of data layers, geographic features, and software tools for the free Public GIS Site as compared to the Premium GIS Site, available by annual subscription.


Data Layers Public Premium Screenshots
Real Estate
Mecklenburg County/Town Public Buildings   X See sample data.
Buildings X X  
Driveways X X  
Addresses X X  
Vacant Land   X  
Parcels X X  
Land Value   X  
Total Value   X  
Zip Codes   X See sample data.
Fire Districts   X See sample data.
Town Names X X  
Wildlife Management Areas   X See sample data.
MapGrid   X See sample data.
Federal Lands   X  
State Bondaries X X  
Town Boundaries X X  
County Boundaries X X  
Airports X X  
Railroads X X  
Roads-Interstate Highways X X  
Roads-US Highways X X  
Roads-Primary Roads X X  
Roads-Secondary Roads X X  
Roads-Private Roads X X  
Geographic Features
Dams   X  
Contours   X See sample data.
Major Water X X  
Creeks and Streams X X  
Public Facilities
Schools X X  
Electric Power Lines (Transmission)   X See sample data.
Fire Hydrants   X See sample data.
Water Lines   X See sample data.
Sewer Lines   X See sample data.
VGIN 2007 Aerial Photos (1:200)   X See sample data.
Survey & GPS data
NGS Benchmarks   X See sample data.
Searches Public Premium
Address X X
Owner X X
Parcel Number X X
Parcel Sales (All) - sale price / sale date   X
Parcel Sales (Improved) - sale price / sale date   X
Parcel Sales (Vacant) - sale price / sale date   X
Map, DC, Block, Parcel   X
Tools Public Premium
Zoom Rectangle X X
Zoom In X X
Zoom Out X X
Initial Map View   X
Previous View   X
Next View   X
Pan X X
Measure   X
Select X X
Clear Selection X X
Parcel Report X X
Print Current Map X X
Print Property Record Card   X


If you have any questions, please contact the Mecklenburg County Reassessment Office at

Engineering Design Systems, Inc. * 3780 Peters Creek Rd Ext SW * Roanoke, VA 24018 * USA
Voice 540.345.1410 -